Yamuna Table Treatment

Taking the Yamuna Body Rolling hands-on work to the table provides additional range of motion benefits and traction techniques.

Yamuna Table Treatment: What is it?

Originally created for  the famous luxury resort and spa, Canyon Ranch, Yamuna took her already-developed Yamuna Body Rolling hands-on work to the table. The table treatment was the result.

What makes this one-hour treatment uniquely body-altering is the leverage allowed by performing the work on the table, which provides additional of range of motion benefits and traction techniques.  Using the ball as a fulcrum within the body’s joints, the trained practitioner uses the hands as traction on one side and the ball on the other, giving the client a treatment on both sides of the body simultaneously.

Special attention is given in the table treatment to the key joints in the body that tend to become restricted for various reasons such as improper alignment and arthritis. The hips, the knees, the ankles, the shoulders and even the feet are given joint space through this technique to increase in range of motion,  reduce friction and eliminate discomfort.

With their expertise in Pilates, TRX and Yamuna Body Rolling and table work, I've worked through injuries, strengthened my core and maintained my flexibility and balance. I can truly say that this studio has given me the ability to feel better and really what’s more important than that?
Linda F.