Pilates strengthens the abdominals and the back and improves posture.

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TRX Weight Suspension Training

Every exercise builds strength, core stability and balance.

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Yamuna Body Rolling

Yamuna Body Rolling improves the health of your joints, muscles and fascia.

  • Pilates Studio News

    Exercise programs come and go, but Pilates has endured since the early 20th century and continues to thrive. Here's why you should put Pilates in your life:
    * It will help you to do ALL of your other exercise programs better (running, cycling, boot camp, you name it)
    * It will keep you from being injured
    * You will have better posture and stand taller
    * You will get stronger and more flexible
    * It will teach you to understand how your body works
    * You can do it throughout your life
    * You can do a workout WHILE sustaining your body

    Ready to try a session? Get in touch with us to arrange a private session.

    Our classes will be offered on a drop in basis until November 10th. Our FALL#2 class session will run from November 13-December 15. There will be four classes in each session. Contact us if you would like to sign up.

    TRX Plus
    Build muscle, strengthen bones, work on core strength and balance. We will use the TRX, add resistance tubing, free weights, and add some new equipment to cross train and keep it interesting and fun. Building muscle not only keeps you strong, but is ESSENTIAL for weight control!

    Mondays at 10:30
    Wednesdays at 10:30


    Pilates Mat
    The ultimate in core conditioning - for strong abdominals and a strong back and for spinal health and posture. Need we say more? The genius of the Pilates method is that it is always challenging, and is an exercise program for a lifetime. We will use balls, bands, bosus and boxes, rings, rollers and ropes. Modifications will always be offered to accommodate EVERY BODY.

    Tuesdays at 10:30am


    Body Maintenance/Mat Express
    The key to sustaining the health of your body is to do what it needs for maintenance. Releasing muscle restrictions and improving joint mobility are essential. We will use the Yamuna technique - a truly ground breaking method of body work to help us release and open the entire body including the feet and hands. We will add additional stretching, and cap it all off with 30 minutes of a fast-paced Pilates mat workout. A perfect Friday workout.

    Fridays at 10:30am

Pilates for Every Body

Pilates for Every Body welcomes you to our beautiful studio in Westport, Connecticut. Our new location at Nash's Plaza provides us with the opportunity to fulfill our mission to offer the women in our community a warm and caring atmosphere in which to exercise. We have been in business for over 12 years providing personalized, quality Pilates training.

We specialize in personal training on the Pilates equipment and mat classes for all women who wish to improve their overall fitness and wellness. Whether you are already active or just beginning to incorporate exercise into your lifestyle, you will feel comfortable at our studio. Our emphasis is on creating a safe, individualized Pilates program for you. We also work with those who require specialized programs to deal with pain, weight-related issues, post-injury rehabilitation, post-partum exercise, and Osteopenia/Osteoporosis.

While our primary emphasis is on Pilates, we also utilize additional exercise programs to help you reach your goals. These programs include: TRX Weight Suspension Training, Yamuna Body Rolling and Yamuna Table Treatment,  Strength Training and Balance Training.

Our services are competitively priced and discount packages are available.

With their expertise in Pilates, TRX and Yamuna Body Rolling and table work, I've worked through injuries, strengthened my core and maintained my flexibility and balance. I can truly say that this studio has given me the ability to feel better and really what’s more important than that?
Linda F.